Dental Appointments

Dental Appointments At Legacy Pediatric Dentistry

Here is what we provide at their first visit as well as six month check ups.

Age 1

Get ready for a cosmic “happy visit” to our dental mission control. Our little star travelers will get a thorough check-up from our dentist, who’s like a teeth detective on a mission. We’ll chat about ways to take care of those brand-new baby teeth and make sure they’re shining like bright stars. Your visit includes a special bag with tools for their new teeth journey, including a toothbrush to kick-start the brushing adventure.

Age 2

Prepare to launch parents! Now that your kiddo’s baby teeth are all in place, it’s time for their first cleaning, which we call a “toothbrush adventure.” Our team usually goes with a trusty regular toothbrush for this journey, as the zippy electric ones can feel a bit ticklish for their mouths. Hold on to your astronaut helmets, because our dentist is going full-on detective mode, examining those teeth like a space sleuth. We’ll have a chat about the ways to care for teeth that fit their age. We’re now adding an extra layer of protection to their pearly whites – think of it as a super-cool space armor called “vitamins” (aka fluoride varnish) to keep them strong. We are also sending you home with a dental care bag filled with awesome gear to take care of those teeth.

Age 3 and Up

Calling all space explorers aged preschool and elementary school! Get ready for an amazing dental checkup that’s even cooler than before. We’re incorporating X-rays, which are super safe as they’re all digital. We use a cool gadget that fits just right in their mouth, nothing like the pointy old ones their parents might remember. We’ll make brushing a superhero experience with our “prophy” tooth cleaner that may tickle but leaves their teeth sparkling. We’re also introducing a new skill: flossing! With around 20 teeth in their smile, we’ll team up with you to ensure their brushing and flossing are out-of-this-world awesome. Our dentist will apply a special space shield called “vitamins” (fluoride varnish) to keep their teeth strong, give their teeth a check-up, and discuss how to maintain their super-duper smiles. All this fun will happen while they enjoy cool stuff on the ceiling TV. And don’t forget, they’ll still receive that special bag filled with dental essentials to ensure their smiles stay as shiny as ever!

Age 12 and Up

By now, most kids have almost all their grown-up teeth! Just a heads-up, those wise wisdom teeth are still on their way. Cleaning their teeth takes a bit longer since they’re bigger and have more nooks to explore. But no worries, we’ve got your back! Our awesome team is here to give them the friendliest care ever. They can chill out, watch cool stuff on the ceiling TVs (with headphones, of course), and just enjoy the ride. And they’ll still get a fantastic bag of tools to keep their smiles shining like shooting stars!