Group of children playing with soap bubbles outdoors. Friends trying to catch the bubbles.

Our goal is providing a positive dental experience for children and their parents.

At Legacy Pediatric Dentistry, we’re all about positive dental experiences for kids and parents. Our space-themed clinic is designed with kids in mind, featuring game tablets, space murals, and ceiling TVs. Our friendly team is skilled and caring, making kids feel comfortable. We care about families’ happiness too, helping parents feel at ease. You’re welcome to join your child during exam visits, and our team will explain procedures to your child and keep you informed. Your peace of mind and your child’s happiness matter to us.

Pediatric Dental Services

Here at Legacy Pediatric Dentistry, we hold ourselves to a high standard of being a proficient pediatric dental practice to all we serve. We provide a wide array of services that focus on preventing and solving oral health issues for pediatric patients.

Some of the pediatric dental services we provide are: