Preventive Dentistry


Child, toothbrush and brushing teeth in a home bathroom for dental health and wellness with smile. Face portrait of african girl kid cleaning mouth with a brush for morning routine and oral self care.

Taking care of your teeth regularly is the top method to stop cavities and maintain a healthy smile.


We offer a complete cleaning experience for children aged 3 and older, utilizing our handpiece brush and other tools. In cases where children aged 2 and under feel uncomfortable with the handpiece brush, they can opt for a toothbrush cleaning instead. This cleaning process efficiently eliminates both plaque (bacteria) and calculus (hardened plaque), which are responsible for gum disease and tooth decay.

Fluoride Treatment

The application of topical fluoride to the teeth aims to enhance their strength and increase their resistance against tooth decay.

Digital Dental X-rays

X-rays help us to assess the well-being of the interior and root structure of your child’s teeth. Additionally, they provide visibility into any emerging cavities between the teeth.


Before conducting an examination, our dentists thoroughly review your child’s health history. During the actual examination, they evaluate and and our assistants chart the condition of the teeth. Your child’s health history and exam are both taken into consideration to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for your child.

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Our practice places a strong emphasis on preventive care. We work with you and your child to offer dental hygiene instructions that will help maintain good oral health at home. home practices.


Sealants consist of unique plastic coatings administered onto the chewing surfaces of teeth, serving as a preventive measure against tooth decay. Given that the chewing surfaces of children’s teeth possess numerous crevices and grooves, which are susceptible to cavity formation, these sealants effectively seal and protect those crevices and grooves, thereby reducing the likelihood of cavities.