Special Needs Dentistry


Hug for dad. A teen boy leans over to hug his father, who to be smiling at him.

Special Smiles: Our Unique Approach to Special Needs Dentistry

Receiving proper dental care can be challenging for patients with physical or mental disabilities, which is why our approach is distinctive. Our dental care covers patients of all ages dealing with conditions like autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, and Down syndrome. Every individual is unique, so our pediatric dentists and team focus on tailoring a personalized experience for each patient. We work closely with caregivers to ensure comfort, and we provide clear explanations of treatments. If adjustments are needed, we’re here to customize our services to suit each patient’s requirements.


Parents and primary caregivers are welcome to contact us to discuss our special needs dentistry services to see if we are a good fit for your needs.. Our dedicated pediatric dentists and team are here to address your queries and assist our special needs patients in achieving healthy, happy smiles.