Tooth Repair


Mixed race girl perfect toothy smiling at camera while sitting in dentist's chair

We provide kind, gentle restorative care to ensure those kid smiles are beautifully restored.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are used to restore front or back teeth or where cosmetic appearance is important. Composites are used to repair fractured teeth and/or areas of decay. The shade of the composite restorative material is matched as closely as possible to the color of the natural teeth. Composite fillings are very strong and capable of withstanding normal wear and tear in children.


Extractions are done only as a final option. In cases where a primary (baby tooth) molar is removed, a space maintainer might be necessary until the adult tooth starts to erupt. Your child’s orthodontist may also recommend extractions for orthodontic purposes.

Crowns – White or Stainless Steel

Pediatric Crowns, whether in white or stainless steel, are used to restore teeth that are too badly decayed to hold fillings. White crowns provide a more natural appearance, while stainless steel crowns offer durability. Most insurance companies do not pay for the upgrade for a white crown.

Baby Root Canals

Baby root canals, referred to as pulpotomies, are procedures done when tooth decay has reached the nerve, in an effort to prevent the need for tooth extraction.

Space Maintainers

In cases of early primary tooth loss, space maintainers hold space for the incoming permanent tooth. Without a space maintainer, teeth on either side of the lost tooth site can shift into the gap, preventing the permanent tooth from coming in.